Repair or Replace? Average Life of an Air Conditioning Unit

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get at Althoff Industries are related to the repair, replacement, and lifespan of HVAC equipment. This time of year in Chicago, questions about the average life of an air conditioner unit and whether the repair or...

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7 Signs Your Residential AC May Not Be Operating Properly

Just because your car gets you someplace doesn't mean it is operating properly. It may have tires that are low, causing poor mileage. Low oil or coolant levels may be creating excessive heat that is damaging your engine. The same is true for your A/C system. Just...

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3 Common Issues that Affect Air Conditioner Performance

As we've mentioned in previous articles, there are many factors that will affect air conditioner performance. The most common issues, however, are the three “D's” of dirt, debris, and dust. A dirty air conditioner, dirty condenser coil or clogged air filter can cause...

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4 Reasons Why Air Conditioners Freeze Up (and what to do)

It seems contrary to logic. The humidity soars and temperatures rise into the 90s. Simply going outside in the Chicago area heat drains the energy out of you. Sweating is almost instant. Of course, this is the time when your home air conditioner stops working. There...

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14 Smart Tips to Lower Summer Cooling Bills

Most of us in the greater Chicago area are glad to see the summer months arrive. It means the return of baseball, vacations, and trips to the beach. One thing though that summer brings that is not so welcome is the higher summer cooling bills. You are not helpless,...

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Sticky? Stuffy? Creating Ideal Indoor Humidity in Your Home

At Althoff Industries, we don't just view ourselves as HVAC technicians. We see ourselves as indoor air quality specialists. Properly treating the air in a home is much more complex than it may first seem. There are numerous factors to consider. One has to note the...

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3 Reasons Why a Mismatched HVAC System Costs You More Money

There is a reason HVAC companies refer to their equipment as a “system”. It's because each component is designed to work in harmony to provide efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The older an HVAV system is, however, the more opportunities there are...

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Will an Air Purifier Minimize My Allergy Symptoms?

There are plenty of myths about how to best clean the air in your home. Some people believe a good HEPA air filter will do. Others suggest an air purifier. Still others say that perhaps there is nothing you can do, especially when it comes to allergens. The Chicago...

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4 Important Benefits of Air Conditioning Filter Maintenance

One the easiest, least expensive and most beneficial ways to keep your air conditioner humming along through the summer season is through changing the air conditioning filter and through regular air filter maintenance. Yet, it is amazing how often our HVAC technicians...

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Northwest Herald 2013 Readers Choice Award

Winner of: The Northwest Herald 2013 Readers Choice Award for The Best Heating and Air Conditioning and One of the Best in Plumbing Services.

2013 Carrier Presidentʼs Award

Winner of: The 2013 Carrier Presidentʼs Award for dealers who exemplify leadership and management, customer satisfaction, expertise, business growth and operational excellence.