How to Choose the Right Air Filter for Your HVAC Equipment

If you find yourself having to set your thermostat at unusually high or low temperatures just to stay comfortable, your problem may be poor air flow. Poor air flow may be caused by too much friction in your HVAC system or too much turbulence. One of the most...

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3 Essential HVAC Tools that Provide Accurate Diagnostics

At Althoff Industries, our priority is not only hiring and training talented technicians but equipping them with the highest quality tools to get the job done accurately. We ensure our technicians are not only well-trained and proficient in HVAC repair and...

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2 Important Reasons Why Your HVAC Technician Measures Draft

One of the most important aspects of your furnace is how it drafts. When air drafts properly from your gas furnace or gas water heater, spent oxygen and carbon monoxide go up a chimney or chimney pipe where it is dispersed outside your home. As most are aware, too...

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The #1 Way to Improve Air Flow in Your Home

Many homeowners don't fully appreciate the importance of airflow when it comes to the performance of their HVAC system and ultimately, the comfort of each room in your home. The fact is, if you have one room or many rooms that are less comfortable than others, it is...

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6 Items to Check Before Calling for Furnace Service

At Althoff Industries, we make our living helping people keep their families safe and cozy with efficient operating HVAC systems. We have built our business and reputation by providing superior service that prevents and resolves issues, not creates them. It's why many...

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8 Questions Answered about an Annual Furnace Tune Up

This is the time of year many families schedule their annual furnace tune up. We can't assume, however, that everyone knows what is involved in a furnace tune up or why it is important. That's why we've compiled a list of eight questions and answers about an annual...

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5 Simple Solutions to Common Residential Plumbing Problems

There are some common residential plumbing problems that usually most people can resolve on their own. And there are a host of others more serious plumbing issues that are best performed by calling a professional like Althoff Industries. Knowing the difference can...

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Northwest Herald 2013 Readers Choice Award

Winner of: The Northwest Herald 2013 Readers Choice Award for The Best Heating and Air Conditioning and One of the Best in Plumbing Services.

2013 Carrier Presidentʼs Award

Winner of: The 2013 Carrier Presidentʼs Award for dealers who exemplify leadership and management, customer satisfaction, expertise, business growth and operational excellence.