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Have a basement susceptible to flooding? Investing in a sump pump keeps your basement free from flooding waters by directing water away from the foundation into a collective area, a sump. A sump pump job is then to pushes the water out and away from the house through a discharge pipe.

Sump Pump Considerations
  • Switch: Common switch types include: tethered float, vertical float, and electronic
  • Horsepower: Motor sizes include 1/4-hp, 1/3-hp, 1/2-hp, 3/4-hp, and 1-hp
  • Housing: Pump protection options include plastic, cast metal or steel
Sump Pump Equipment

Althoff Industries professional, licensed plumbing technicians can help you choose the right sump pump size for your residential home and install it to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications.

  • Primary Sump Pump S3033
  • Battery Backup Sump Pump System System
  • Combination Primary and Backup System
  • Sewage Ejector Pump
Additional Services

When you purchase a sump pump in the Chicago area, it’s important to plan for future preventative maintenance and repairs.