Home Performance Audit in Chicago and NW Suburbs


Save money and keep your home healthier and more comfortable with complete home performance services from Althoff Industries

Building science is always improving. As we discover a greater understanding of how to better build our homes, we also, consequently, get a greater understanding of how to care for our homes.

By using the “home as a system” approach, our service addresses all aspects of your home’s efficiency, safety, air quality and comfort. Get the most out of your mechanicals, protect your family, secure the investment in your home, stay more comfortable and make your dollar go further by scheduling a whole-home diagnostic today. Every home is composed of a series of interacting systems. The auditing process surveys these systems and verifies they are interacting/functioning as designed. Misalignment of these systems can be harmful both to your family and home.

Do you have any of the problems below?

  • your mechanical system never seems to shut off
  • areas of your home are always uncomfortable
  • mold has been identified within your home
  • pipes have frozen or burst in the past
  • significant ice damming formations
  • you’re concerned about the quality of the air within your home

A blower door will be utilized to better determine where and how well your home is connected to the outside and will be run in conjunction with an IR camera. Doing so will permit the auditor to visually see where and how well your home is sealed from the outside.

Most homes experience this exchange of air and, subsequently, energy in an undesigned fashion. This means that your home is losing conditioned air — and money — constantly.  Moreover, this unplanned transmission of conditioned air makes your mechanicals work harder. All homes need some amount of fresh air, but the fresh air should be introduced in a controlled manner.

The primary purpose and goal of an audit is to grant the homeowner greater control over the systems and comfort of their home. Once it has been revealed where and to what extent these issues exist, the sources are then addressed. Greater control of your living spaces may garnered by the proper application and installation of additional insulation and air sealing.


Insulation is, in large part, what helps to maintain acceptable levels of comfort within your home. The materials used are given an R-value that communicates how resistant they are to the transmission of heat; meaning if it is cold outside and warm inside, the higher the value the less heat, or energy, that will be lost. It must be stressed, however, that while insulation acts as a thermal barrier, most forms of insulation are not a vapor, moisture or air barriers.


Air sealing is the other half of improving the comfort and efficiency of your home. It’s estimated that 5– 40% of annual heating and cooling costs are due to the leakage of conditioned air out of your home. Air sealing is one of the most effective efficiency upgrades you can make to your home. By reducing the amount of conditioned air that is lost, you’ll be saving money, improving comfort throughout your home and causing your mechanicals to wear less.

Our team of technicians – each certified by the Building Performance Institute and ENERGY STAR® Home Performance – will pinpoint trouble areas and help you decide how best to address them.

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Up to $400 in utility rebates available for air sealing and insulation services.